At Strobel up to 70 percent of the processed silica sands are fire-dried

Three rotary dryers reduce the residual moisture content of the silica sands down to less than one permille. We use environmentally friendly natural gas for this process, and in our drying machines we use the waste heat from the company's electricity production.

To assure strict compliance with the near-size grain screening we use various high-frequency screening machines. In addition to the very good screening accuracy, our machines are able to handle high feed capacities and throughputs. Depending on customer requirements, we screen grain sizes of between 0.09 and 1.6 mm. Magnetic separation is additionally performed to improve quality.

The continuous increasing demand for special sands – matching the individual specifications of our customers –requires the usage of computer technology. For more than ten years now, an algorithm specially developed for Strobel Quarzsand allows customer-specific formulation of grades of sand.



Drying and sieving – the sorting