Our know-how is one of our success factors

A good deal of processing experience is required to turn 750,000 tons of raw sand into high-quality silica sand every year.

Processing silica sand means making adjustments to the different grades of the sands mined every single day. We meet individual customer requirements by selectively applying the sands to different wet processing systems. Raw sands with a grain size of up to 0.3 mm pass through a different plant structure than raw sands with a grain size of 0.6 mm. The great variation in the fraction of clay and heavy minerals make additional demands for the wet processing.

The silica sand passes the following processing stages: pre-screening, desludging through different hydrocyclone stages, attrition of the sands for cleaning the grain surfaces, classification into individual grain fractions in hydrosizers, segregation of the magnetic impuritiesby means of wet magnetic separation and dewatering of the end product by means of vacuum belt filters or vibration screening machines.

The desludged, classified and sorted silica sands are temporarily stored in a 3,000 m2 depot and dewatered in a drainage system.



Basis for highest quality