Long-term mining contracts are the basis for a sustainable

raw material supply.

The history of "Freihung silica sand" goes back some 150 million years. In the Mesozoic Era, marine coastal deposits are formed in the Gebenbach and Freihung area. These silica sand deposits are characterized by a relatively high degree of purity.

In the 19th century silica sand had to be mined underground due to the high consolidation of the raw sand. Today mining takes place in open-cast pits. Skilled staff extracts the silica sand by working with modern machinery, supported by blasts performed to loosen the rock.

Our primary aim is to ensure selective extraction of the available raw materials, so that they can be specifically fed into sand processing. In order to conserve the existing resources, we increasingly exploit layers of sand which have not been utilised yet.

Long-term mining contracts and a cooperative relationship with the landowners form an outstanding basis for a sustainable supply of raw material.